About Kitchen Jewels

Kitchen Jewels has been in business for almost 40 years and we are unlike most other cabinet companies anywhere in the world.

You see, we start with American rough cut lumber brought in fresh on our regular delivery truck. We shape and mold the lumber to build all the parts of your cabinets in our Indiana Facility. We have the newest state of the art CNC equipment mixed with old world handcrafted methods from centuries ago carefully passed on from generation to generation.

Most companies have cookie cutter cabinets made by cookie cutter machines and cookie cutter assemblers. We choose to use experienced craftsman for authentic hand crafted cabinets that are high in quality and custom made for your home or office.

Our dedication in giving you the highest quality means we make your cabinets from scratch. Your doors, frames, drawer boxes, and all the other wood components are made in house. We use American made materials on your cabinets from companies we know make excellent products. We are so obsessed about the quality of your cabinets that even our finish department creates the colors for your cabinet finish in-house. From beginning to end, we control your quality and we never settle for anything less than top notch, exquisitely crafted cabinets.

Anyone could order standard cabinets and assemble them to give you cheap cabinets that you want to replace in a few years. We are committed to building your lifetime cabinets and our cabinets are more affordable than you think! Come visit us to see the difference in Kitchen Jewels distinctive custom cabinetry. We look forward to seeing you soon!

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